Right- or Left-Foot Braking? – Speed Secrets Quick Tip

Whether to use right- or left-foot-braking in your performance or racing driving is not an easy decision. There are pros and cons to each, and I talk about the challenges of left-foot-braking in this Speed Secrets Quick Tip.

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  1. holding a steady overtake throttle and brush braking allows you to better match speed for tactical driving maneuvers like PIT and Pushout.

  2. What’s the point of saying that a good right foot braker will outperform a mediocre left foot braker? Isn’t the question whether a good right foot braker can outperform a good left foot braker?

    I started using left foot braking when confronted with corners that had bumpy approaches that made the movement of the right foot from gas to brake difficult and unreliable. Now, I left foot brake whenever a heel-and-toe downshift is not required.

    • Thanks for the comment, Frank. And yes, I agree that a good left-foot braker will usually outperform a good right-foot braker, but many drivers are not able to develop the sensitivity with their left foot, and therefore only ever become mediocre at it. So my point is to suggest that a driver really thinks about whether they’ll have the time to develop themselves into becoming a really good left-foot braker, rather than just jumping in and using it. I’ve seen too many drivers who think that they need to left-foot brake to be fast, who actually are slowing themselves down by doing so – they would have been better if they’d stayed with right-foot braking.


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