The Key to Speed: Brake Release – Speed Secrets Quick Tip

The key to speed is when and how you release the brake pedal as you enter the corners, as I explain in this Speed Secrets Quick Tip. For performance drivers, race drivers, and HPDE instructors, this may be the most important driving tip ever.

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  1. The tip is tantalizing. However as an intermediate HPDE student I’m really not sure what to do with it. What are the effects of beginning the release earlier or later, and releasing it slower or faster?

    • The best way to answer your questions, Matthew, is to ask you to go experiment with different timings and rates of release of the brakes and learn what it can do for you. Essentially, what you’ll find is that it will alter the way the car turns into the corner (more quickly, or less quickly – changing direction, that is), allowing you to carry more entry speed while still being able to follow the line you want and begin accelerating as early (or even earlier) than before. But you need to experience this for yourself… so go experiment with it.


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