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Speed Secret: Turn Your Head & Look Ahead

race-driver-visionNext to discussions about the line around race tracks, where and how far ahead you look is discussed more than anything else. And for good reason. In fact, it’s a bit useless even knowing where the ideal line is if you don’t look along it, if you don’t use your vision properly.

I’m not going to go into great detail here about how far ahead you should look (it’s simple: as far as you can) and where (also simple: where you want to go). What I am going to do is remind you that you’re allowed to turn your head to look and steer where you want to go.

When I’m standing on a corner observing a driver that I’m coaching, I spend a lot of time watching drivers’ heads. Same thing if I’m riding with a driver. If they don’t turn their heads in specific places on the track, I know they aren’t looking to where they need to go.

Loosen up your neck and look around. Even a small turn of the head will help.

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