Ask Ross

Q&A with Ross Bentley


Q: When and where should I upshift my Porsche Cayman going up the Esses at Watkins Glen?

Q: “I recently started racing my Cayman S at Watkins Glen and I’m hooked! I bought your Virtual Track Walk and my dad gave me your book. You talk about upshifting into turn two at Watkins as you enter the Esses and when I have entered, I’m in third. My thought is I want higher RPMs for the elevation change, usually shifting into fourth after turn 3. Is my thinking wrong here? Do I want to be in fourth through the Esses?”

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Q: Is there a benefit in practice driving on track with just one hand on the steering wheel?

Q: “I’m curious – Do you ever practice with only your non-dominant hand? I sometimes think my left hand is only copying my right, and so is out of sync, or even actively fighting my right hand. When I practice with one hand, it is very obvious when I am reacting to the actual car, versus making unnecessary inputs. But maybe there is a better alternative?”

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