Performance & Race Driving Tip

Speed Secret: Use your awareness to notice what you’re doing well as much as what you need to improve.

focus on learningI bet there are some of you reading this who are thinking that you’ve gotten worse as a driver over the past little while.

As drivers, as instructors, the more we improve, the more we tend to be tougher on ourselves. That has to do with being more aware, which is a good thing. However, if all your new-found awareness does is make you more critical of yourself, it may not be so good.

But if your awareness includes a healthy dose of what you’re doing right – in balance with what you’re doing wrong – then that’s not so bad.

The next time you feel you’re not improving, or even feel as though you’re going backwards, I suggest pulling out a piece of paper and start writing down all the things you’re doing well. If you’re honest with yourself, and give yourself the credit you’re due, you might find that you’re doing a lot right. And when you focus on what you’re doing right, you’ll likely do more of that right stuff. And if you do more of the right stuff, it’s likely you won’t have time to do the wrong stuff.

Be aware, but also be aware that you may be too hard on yourself. If you recognize that, start being aware of what you’re doing right.

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