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Speed Secret: Don’t set expectations – focus on the possibilities & your potential.

It’s a rare thing when we exceed our expectations. In fact, I’d suggest that the only time we exceed them is a fluke. There is all sorts of brain research that backs up what I say – that says that our brains are incredibly powerful and accurate at making sure we match our expectations, and never exceed them.

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve seen a driver head out onto the track with a specific lap time in mind – an expected result – and then match it. But here’s the thing: Other drivers, because the track gripped up, went faster. Because the driver in question had put an expectation in his mind, he was unable to exceed it, even if the track and his car were capable of doing so.

Instead of setting expectations – particularly lap times or finishing positions – focus on the possibilities, on what could happen. Focus on your performance, and on its potential.

But how? The place to start is with that lap timer – turn it off, cover it up, or put it out of sight.

Let me ask this: If you turn a lap time that you want, let’s say a 1:10.5, are you going to quit trying to go faster? If that’s the lap time that you think is fast enough, and you do it, I guess you can quit working on going faster, right? No. No matter what lap time you do, you can always go faster, so why do you care whether you’ve matched your expectations. Why do you care what your lap time is?

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