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Speed Secret: It’s not where you start to apply the throttle that matters; it’s where you get to – and commit to – full throttle that matters most.

corner-exit-speedEvery driver knows that the sooner you begin accelerating out of a corner, the faster you’ll be down the following straightaway. It’s what we do, right? We focus on getting back on the throttle as soon as possible exiting corners.

You’ve also been told to squeeze on the throttle. Heck, I’ve written that many times in my Speed Secrets books.

All of this is good advice, but it can lead to the feeling that giving your car some throttle is a good thing, when in fact, some throttle might be stopping you from giving it all the throttle.

If you squeeze down on the throttle too soon, you may have to hesitate just a fraction of second before you’re able to get to full throttle. And what matters most, in most cars, is when you get to 100% throttle – not how much time you spend at part throttle.

Think about this, and work on it the next time you’re on track. See what happens if you hesitate just for a fraction of a second before beginning to squeeze on the throttle. See if this allows you to get to full throttle sooner.

This may not work in all cars, but it’s worth experimenting with to see if it results in a faster overall lap time.

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