How To Drive Faster:

Driving The Limit

Speed Secret: Move on. You can’t fix what’s in the past. Focus forward.

race-track-visionOnce you’ve missed an apex, for example, you can’t go back and get it (until the next lap). Focus ahead. The key is recognizing you’ve made an error as soon as possible, and minimizing the affect of it – and moving on. High performance drivers of all types – track day drivers, autocross racers, club racers, pro racers, or whatever – have to learn to let go of mistakes, and move on. It’s part of track driving vision – looking, and thinking, ahead.

Of course, we’re talking here about focus – both mentally and physically (vision). I talk more about mental focus in this tip, The Mental Game of Driving: Focus; and about the physical skill of using your vision in this tip, Advanced Vision.


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