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Speed Secret: Track walk tips.

Some very basic “rules” for track walks:race-track-walk

  • Walk with no more than 2 other people, and stay focused on the track. Don’t make it a social event.
  • Get down, get dirty. Even if it means sitting on the track surface to get the same view you’ll have behind the wheel, do it.
  • Turn around and look back through turns. And sometimes, walk back through a turn. You’ll learn more about the radius and camber of the turn.
  • Slide your shoe along different surfaces to determine where the grip is.
  • Note bumps, cracks, surface changes, banking/camber changes, uphill and downhill. All affect your car’s grip level.
  • Notice where the rubber build up is, being aware that often it is just off the ideal line (it’s where other drivers are grinding off the tires to stay on track!).
  • Be aware of where it’s okay to drop a wheel off the edge of the track, and where it isn’t.
  • Look for objects in the distance you can use as references when approaching blind areas.
 Make note of turnworker stations.
Once you’ve walked the track, ride a bicycle around it, then drive a street car (a golf cart is good, too). They all give you a different perspective and teach you something new.

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