Performance & Race Driving Tip

Speed Secret: Fine-tune & trust your senses to drive faster.

How do you sense the limits of the tires, of your car, as you drive through a turn? Ultimately, it comes down to just 3 things:

  1. Your visual sense
  2. Your kinesthetic sense
  3. Your auditory sense

If the car begins to slide, or rotate sideways, will your visual perspective change? You bet.track-driving-advice

Do you sense the limits by feedback through the steering wheel? Yep. Do you feel the g-forces build, and then begin to reduce as the tires slides too much? Uh-huh. Does the car communicate its limit to you through your sense of balance? Absolutely.

When the tires reach their limits, is the sound coming from them different than before they reach the limit, or when they’re over it? Yes.

Your tires are talking to you. Are you listening? And by “listening,” I’m talking about paying attention with your eyes, body and ears.

The moral of the story here is that the better the quality of the information you take in with your eyes, body and ears, the more sensitive you’ll be to the limits. And the more you deliberately practice paying attention, the better the quality of your sensory input will be.

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