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Speed Secret: Synchronize your driving with the data acquisition.

data-acquisition-webinarData acquisition is an extremely powerful self-coaching tool… but only if you synchronize it with your driving.

What do I mean by that?

The first time you come off the track knowing absolutely, 100%- for-sure, no doubt about it, you took that super-fast sweeper with your foot flat to the floor on the throttle, only to have the data acquisition lie… I mean, tell you that you didn’t – that you lifted – well, that’s what I mean about synching your driving with the data. Make sure that what you feel in the car corresponds with the data.

With time and consistent review of the data after every session on track, your driving will be synched – you’ll almost be able to draw the throttle, brake pressure, steering angle, and even speed traces without looking at the data. Eventually your mind is so in tune with what you’re doing that the data acquisition is simply backing up what you’ve already felt and reported. But – and this is critical – data acquisition will give you another dimension of detail and accuracy that you just can’t develop on your own.

You know you’re really switched on to what you’re doing (and what the data will report) when you’re able to draw a speed, throttle, braking, and steering trace for a particular corner, then go out and match it.

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