The Speed Secrets Story

Coaching, Books, Seminars, Training, eBooks…

Why? To help you become an even better performance and/or race driver, or high performance driving instructor.

How? By provided you with easily-understood, easily-implemented information, that is entertaining and convenient for you.

What? Books, eCourses, eBooks, webinars, video & written tips, seminars & presentations, and coaching.

Speed Secrets started when Ross wrote his first book. Up until that time he had been instructing and coaching while racing himself, but it was just him – no “brand name” attached. Ross claims to have never set out to write a book. It just happened. He had written a short “handbook” for his first performance driving school, and was constantly updating it. Then he began making notes of all the things he was learning while racing Indy cars, and eventually he merged the two documents. A friend saw it, and suggested sending it to a publisher he knew, which Ross did almost as a joke. The publisher wanted it!

As they say, the rest is history. The book needed a catchy title, and Ross had created short tips in the text that he had called “speed secrets” (no, not particularly innovative, but it worked), so that became the title. From there, he wrote more books as he learned more, and he became associated with the name, so of course, it became Ross’s brand name for his coaching services business.

The journey continues. Ross has traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada coaching and making presentations to thousands of drivers and organizations. He’s been to England, France, Italy, Estonia, Sweden, China, Korea and Australia to do the same.

Speed Secrets stands for the following:

  • Doing whatever it takes to help drivers and driver trainers perform better.
  • Providing information, knowledge, and experience in an educational, entertaining and easily-digestable manner.

Speed Secrets is all about performance and race driving, and specifically:

  1. Coaching for drivers of all levels and types of vehicles.
  2. Information products for drivers and instructors.
  3. Presentations for groups and organizations.

As for the future, Ross sees using a variety of methods to continue to share his knowledge and experience, in person, in print, in video, in apps, and online. His goal is to continue to connect and work with people like you who want to improve your driving and driver training performance.