Podcast 191 – Ross Bentley: Driving with the End in Mind

This week is an important podcast episode with a special announcement. I’m taking a break from the podcast for “a while” to work on some new exciting things… :). How long is “a while”? I don’t know. But I will record a few random episodes here and there when I get an opportunity to record a conversation with someone super interesting, or I’m at a fun event.

Q: Should I upshift or downshift in corners with a dual-clutch 8-speed C8 Corvette?

Q: “After many years with BMWs, I’ve gone to the ‘dark side’ and bought my very first American car: a 2021 C8 Vette. My question is, can I take advantage of the 8 gears and dual-clutch with instant rev match to actually up and downshift in the turns? Shifting is reportedly so quick and smooth in both directions that it may seem like steady throttle application. Also, watching the F1 boys, I’m pretty sure I hear them changing gears on entry and exit. Tough to do with a standard six speed, even though heel-toe is second nature.”