How To Drive Faster:

Driving The Limit

Speed Secret: Trigger your performance state of mind by recalling a past success. Replay everything about it (emotions, actions) mentally.

performance-state-of-mindWhen you replay a past success in your mind – every detail of it; how you felt before, during and after it – you will get into a better state of mind. And it doesn’t have to be a past success while track driving. It can be anything in your life – playing another sport, a musical performance, something at school or in business, a certain location, or a relationship experience. Instead of focusing on being “in a bad mood,” you now have a strategy for triggering a “good mood” – a performance state of mind. This is one of the main things I work with when coaching a driver in the mental game of driving – the Inner Speed Secrets. And high performance drivers know it’s the mental part of driving that makes the biggest difference.

You can also “program” you mind so that you almost instantly focus on what you want – a performance state of mind – through the use of mental imagery (what is usually referred to as visualization). Take a look at this video tip, Using Mental Imagery to Drive Faster, for more on how to do that. By the way, these topics are a big part of what I cover in my Inner Speed Secrets seminars and webinars.


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