How To Drive Faster:

Driving The Limit

Speed Secret: How and when you release the brakes will have more effect on your lap times than where you start braking.

brake-lock-upThe timing and rate of release of the brake pedal while entering a corner will have a bigger influence on your speed than simply braking later. Of course, that’s assuming you’re already braking close to the limit. In other words, if you’re close to braking as late as possible, moving the start point of braking later will not improve your lap times as much as getting the brake release just right. Great race drivers (or track day drivers) know to work on their end-of-braking more than their begin-of-braking. As a driver coach, I spend more time coaching drivers on their brake release than anything else.

Why is a smooth release of the brakes so important? I talk about that in this video tip, Why Smooth Is Fast. I also go into a little more depth about the timing and rate of release of the brakes in this video tip, The Key to Speed: Brake Release.


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