Data for Drivers webinar


In the Data for Drivers webinar, I share my 25 years of experience using data to help you be an even better performance or race driver. With over 35 actual data acquisition graphs as examples, you’ll learn how to identify trial braking, coasting, early turn-in, good and bad throttle application, and what the ideal brake pressure trace looks like. You’ll learn from two actual examples of how to use data to improve lap times by seconds!

Duration 2:13:50




Driving on the track is not cheap! And we rarely ever get as much seat time as we’d like – and definitely never enough to learn everything there is to learn. That’s where the Speed Secrets Webinars come in. Sure, we learn best when behind the wheel, on the track. But if you can gain insights, understanding, and knowledge before you get to the track – and review it again after you’ve been on track – then you’ll learn more in less time. These webinars make learning more efficient – and fun!

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