Performance & Race Driving Tip

Speed Secret: To be fast, you need to be a weight manager.

No, this is not an ad for Jenny Craig – it’s not about weight loss. It’s about getting the most out of your car.

race-driving-tipDriving a car at the limit is all about managing its weight, its balance.

Smooth is fast, right? Why? Because it manages the car’s weight better, resulting in more overall grip.

Want your car to turn into the corners better? Manage the car’s weight, keeping the right amount (some, but not too much) transferred onto the front tires, by adjusting the timing, and rate of release of the brakes while entering the corner.

Need to increase or decrease the car’s radius through a fast sweeping turn? Squeeze on or ease off the throttle to transfer weight to the rear or front tires.

Too much understeer or oversteer exiting a turn? Change the timing and how hard you apply the throttle.

Want to carry more speed through a turn, but you feel as though the tires are at their limit of adhesion? Keep the car “flatter” – more balanced, with the least amount of weight transfer, by being smoother with the steering wheel, and pedals.

Managing your car’s weight is like dancing with it. It’s about finesse, coordinating your hands and feet with the timing of Helio Castroneves.

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