164 – James Hinchcliffe: the Mayor of Hinchtown on All Things Racing

On this week’s episode of Speed Secrets Podcast, James Hinchcliffe joins me to discuss how “the Major of Hinchtown” came about, where the “fun meter” is pointing these days when you get in a race car, how to regain focus using mental triggers, the importance of being able to adapt (and why one style is not good enough), and using a negative, “cup half empty” approach to winning.

163 – Michael Zimicki: Cranky Old Men Ranting About Driving Myths, Part 2

On this week’s part 2 episode of Speed Secrets Podcast, Michael Zimicki and I carry on busting myths and ranting about the way too many drivers and coaches get caught up in the thinking that everything something we say should be taken as gospel.

161 – Peter Krause: How to Drive Fast, Consistently

On this week’s episode of Speed Secret podcast, Peter Krause joins me to talk all things driving fast – consistently! We get into why driving the limit is more important than the line, raising corner entry speed, and leading the throttle existing corners.

160 – Adam Spence Explains How the Garmin Catalyst Can Make You a Faster Driver

On this week’s episode of Speed Secrets podcast, Adam Spence (architect leader at Garmin, and racer) joins me to discuss Garmin’s new data tool, the Catalyst. The Catalyst really is as cool as it sounds, and helped me shave 0.9 seconds off my best lap time. Plus, Adam explains what Area 51 at Garmin is!

159 – Dr. Jerry Lynch: Thinking Body, Dancing Mind

On this week’s episode of Speed Secrets Podcast, I talk with Dr. Jerry Lynch, author of my all-time favorite book, Thinking Body, Dancing Mind. As an expert in Eastern philosophy and sports psychology, his insights and guidance have had a major impact on my life, helping me perform better as a driver and coach. We discuss what being a champion really means, how Jerry’s teachings were used by Phil Jackson when coaching the Chicago Bulls, L.A. Lakers, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant, and his human growth and performance consulting group, Way of Champions.