No Dumb Questions With Jeff Braun: Episode 1

Welcome to a new podcast series, No Dumb Questions. Jeff Braun and I sit down to answer your questions, and we promise – there are no dumb questions, maybe just some dumb answers. On this episode, we address how to get comfortable with high speed corners, how to approach a situation where a faster setup is not what makes the driver most comfortable, and what we are most looking forward to in 2022. Tune in for our new series!

192 – Sim Racer Academy & Teamwork

PODCAST: Today’s podcast is a “special” episode… that’s because we just launched the Speed Secrets Sim Racer Academy, and I wanted to have a conversation here with my team who has helped make this happen. Anker Berg-Sonne, Conor Murphy, and Ron Gale are my guests today.