Racing In The Rain: How to Drive Fast

Performance Driving Tip:

Driving in the Rain

Racing in the rain, or performance driving on a wet race track, is tricky business, whether you’re a performance driver, race driver, club racer, HPDE student, track day driver, or HPDE instructor. As I explain in this Speed Secrets Quick Tip, the keys to being a fast rain driver are partially your mental approach – your beliefs about your abilities on a wet track, and your state of mind – and partially a few advanced driving techniques.

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  1. thanks for the video!

  2. I love your tip about making the car do something in the turn and being proactive. This is exactly me, being afraid of the moment the car “does something”, and not being able to handle what it does. I will definitely try this approach next time I drive in the rain. Last year I drove on a skid pad and loved it! And was much more confident when I went out on track. This year I hope to improve my wet-track skills.


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