Speed Secret: The slower the corner, the later the apex, and the quicker & crisper you need to turn the steering wheel; & vice versa.

race-driver-viewThe more you need to rotate a car, like you do in slow/tight corners, the quicker you should turn the steering wheel. But in long, fast corners, gently arc the steering in. You may have learned some of this in your first race driving school, car club school, high performance driver education (HPDE) event, or from reading a book (Speed Secrets, I hope!!!). But it’s not until you put this into practice that it really sets in. With drivers I coach, I sometimes have them deliberately work on the speed/rate of turning the steering wheel in different corners. It’s this deliberate practice that eventually becomes part of the drivers’ mental programming, and they no longer think about it – they just do. Race track cornering lines are more than just following where someone told you to drive. You have to develop your track driving techniques, adapting how you turn the steering wheel to different layouts of corners.


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