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Target Fixation – What Is It?

You know that you should look where you want to go. But sometimes things happen in front of us, and our vision tends to lock onto whatever that is. For example, a car in front of us spins. Instead of looking where we want to go – to either side of the spinning car – our eyes are attracted to it, and we stare at it. That’s target fixation.

Target fixation is something that is part of human nature – we like to look at things (hey look, a squirrel!). Used the right way – to look where we want to go – it’s a good thing. It helps us go where we want, as long as you fixate your vision on where we want to go. But it can be a bad thing if we fixate on a spinning car, a tire wall off the side of the track, or anything we don’t want to steer towards.

Remember, your hands, and steering, follow your eyes. If you look at something, you’re likely going to steer towards it. If you look at where you want to go – to the side of a problem, or along the path you want your car to follow – then you’re likely to go there.

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