Danny Kok joins me to talk about the AMG Driving Academy he runs in Canada, the ice driving programs he puts on, and about his plans to go racing in 2018. Danny, an accomplished racer and great driver coach, hasn’t raced much in the past few years, so he shares his plans to get ready, as well as how he’s training his co-driver for his first season of racing.

Danny, my former business partner, runs the Canadian AMG Driving Academy, which conducts driver training programs on race tracks and in the snow and ice of Gimli, Manitoba. Be sure to check out www.AMGDrivingAcademy.ca for information about the programs he and his team conducts. And follow Danny’s 2018 racing on Instagram @Shinning_Star_Motorsports, and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Shining-Star-Motorsports-156852091722973/