Chuck Davies joins me to talk about the future of safety in motorsport, head and neck restraints, helmets, harnesses, and racing and track day events. We touch on the effect Dale Earnhardt’s crash had on the sport, as well as SFI, Snell and FIA standards.

Chuck is the CEO of Simpson Performance Products, a company that is synonymous with safety in motorsport. Their Hybrid S is the only head and neck restraint device that is certified effective for use with 3-point seatbelts.

Chuck’s Speed Secret: “If you use good safety equipment, and you know it makes you safe, you’ll be confident and you’ll go faster.”

To take advantage of the 10% discount that Simpson is offering between now and September 15th, 2018, go to, or call 1-800-654-7223 (RACE) and use the code “SECRETS.”


Twitter: @SimpsonRacing