ask-ross-bentley-q&aQ: I really like the idea of focusing on the point where you are off the brakes as opposed to where you begin. But if it is a trail braking corner where are you focusing on exactly???

A: There is no exact specific End-of-Braking (EoB) point that works for every corner. Every turn is different (as is the car, etc.). The EoB point is that point where your brake lights would go out – the place where your foot finally comes right off the brake pedal. For some corners/cars, it’s right at the turn-in point, some just a little after, some further into the corner, and some almost all the way to the apex. By looking for it you look further into the corner, and you judge the point where you start braking by where you’ll end (you don’t always arrive at the beginning of braking point at the same speed, so it should change based on your speed). So, as you approach the corner, look for the point where your foot will come completely off the brake pedal – your EoB. That’s where you should be focusing while approaching a corner. Of course, you’re eyes should constantly be moving, scanning, up and back.